Saturday, August 18, 2007

Erosion control plan a must in Klang


DEVELOPERS must submit an erosion and sediment control plan for all new building works.
“Development in our towns can negatively affect the environment because soil exposed by new construction can be washed into the waterways and cause floods,” said Klang Municipal Council (MPK) councillor Datuk Dr Teh Kim Poo.
“Most of the time, silt reduces water capacity, causing the waterways to overflow.
“One sure way to curb this is to ensure that developers build silt traps,” he said.
Dr Teh added that MPK must enforce strict regulations that require builders, landscapers and even individuals working on building sites to assume responsibility for preventing soil erosion.
“MPK enforcement officers together with the engineering department must ensure run-off diversion measures and sediment trapping devices are implemented by builders before construction work starts,” he said.
Recently, Dr Teh conducted a check on a 300m U-shaped drain being built off Jalan Petola at Kampung Raja Uda in Port Klang to replace the earth cut drain that had existed for 50 years.
“We have to replace the earth cut drain with concrete drains as erosion is beginning to set in and could affect houses along it.
“We might extend the stretch another 100m to ensure the water flow is smooth,” he said.

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