Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Toxic chemicals threat


KUALA LUMPUR: Some 300 unlicensed pest control companies may be exposing their customers to poisonous and toxic materials.
If the pesticides are not mixed properly, before being applied on the ground, wall, ceiling or farms, it can be dangerous to human health and cause respiratory problems, headache, stomach ache, nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea.
Pest Control Association of Malaysia (PCAM) president Ang Tan Loong said that only about 170 companies were licensed and most of them were members of the group and were trained in handling toxic chemicals.
“The unqualified and unlicensed companies will pose a threat to their clients because they are using poisonous and toxic substances without knowing how to handle them with care.
“Depending on the dosage, if toxic substances are inhaled it can even be fatal,” Ang said.
He urged the public not to use unlicensed operators and report such people to the Pesticide Board or the Department of Agriculture.
A Department of Agriculture official said enforcement officers were checking on unlicensed operators as the grace period for them to get licensed ended last year.
PCAM secretary S. Gnanasambanthan advised customers to ensure that the pest control company had the Pest Control Operator licence issued by the Pesticide Board.
To check on the validity of an operator, call PCAM at 03-9274 7288 or check with the Pesticide Board in the Department of Agriculture.

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